Canon 600mm f4L IS USM

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Item Condition Description

Condition: A-
Our Reference: UXFYN
Price: €3,800.00


Used lens in very good condition both optically and cosmetically, but with some points to note.

The exterior of the lens has quite minor signs of use for a lens of this generation. Some damage to the paintwork has been carefully retouched.

There is some damage near the control switches for the focus present, and this feature does not work. Specifically, the distance selection button does not work, but the ring to activate the feature does work. We believe that only the button is broken, and can request a quote for a repair if desired. We've not taken this step so far because the feature is quite rarely used and is in any case unavailable on RF-mount camera bodies.

The front and rear lenses are in very good condition. The front element has some very slight marks, perhaps from an incautious cleaning. These marks only extend to the anti-reflective coating - the glass itself is certainly not scratched. There is absolutely no question of any impact on photos taken with the lens. These marks are quite hard to show in a photo, but we have done our best in the photo of the front element.

At the mount end, the glass is in great condition, nothing to note. There is always some level of dust inside any used lens, but this is a relatively clean example, with a very low level of internal dust.

The focusing ring turns smoothly and with no play. Autofocus and stabilisation work perfectly.

The lens is sold without any accessories: no sun hood, no front cap, no flight case. We may be able to source some of these elements as required, please don't hesitate to ask.

While our lenses are typically sold with no VAT, the sale price for this item is inclusive of VAT, and VAT-registered buyers will therefore be able to deduct the VAT.

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