Canon 300mm f2.8L USM

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Item Condition Description

Condition: A-
Our Reference: TFULZ
Price: €1,450

Used lens in very good optical condition and good overall appearance. The exterior of the lens has quite modest signs of use for a lens of this age.

The front element is in excellent condition, with only very slight marks in the anti-reflective coating. There is no question of a degradation in image quality.

Inside any used lens there is always some dust, and that is the case here. The level however is very reasonable for a lens of this age, and there is no question of it reducing the lens' performance.

Auto and manual focus both work perfectly. However, the auto-focus preset does not work correctly. The problem appears to be mechanical, with the button to set the distance. This is quite likely reparable, but given the functionality is quite niche, we have decided not to attempt a repair in this case.

The lens hood is included, and it functions correctly, but there is a crack around the locking knob. The functionality is fine.

There is also the rear cap, and a bag (nothing extraordinary, but it provides basic protection quite nicely).

We do not typically include a sample photo taken with each lens. However, for these older models it can be useful to demonstrate that the image quality produced remains good. The last image is thus a sample photo taken with the lens at f/2.8 on a 5DsR (51MP). We have cropped 5000x3000 pixels from the centre. To our eye, the sharpness and contrast of this lens is particularly good.

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